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Agency Spotlight

United Way of Haywood County

Agency Spotlight

United Way of Haywood County is pleased to have Haywood Pathways Center as a member agency. 

Can you imagine never having a bed to call your own?  A young lady and her mother have been struggling through the realities of poverty – couch surfing, staying at shelters, camping and living in their car.  Fortunately, they now have a bed and are surrounded with services at the new Myr-Ken Dorm for Women and Children at Haywood Pathways Center.  Their goals are working toward self-sufficiency and permanent housing. 

 Haywood Pathways Center also provides overnight and/or short term shelter for adults who are in crises or chronically homeless in Haywood County. The shelter is open year round and accepts men and women over the age of 18. The shelter does not accept anyone under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and is unable to accommodate anyone who is determined to be a danger to self or others.

Haywood Pathways Center has the capacity to provide shelter for 32 men, 28 women and up to 10 moms with their children.  Guests have access to hot meals, showers, hygiene items, clothing and laundry facilities. All guests participate in center activities – devotion, prayer, Bible study, and chore teams for dorms, kitchen, dining room, laundry, and grounds maintenance. The campus is open 24/7 with access to case management, employment support, wi-fi and a safe place to be while working on goals toward self-sufficiency. 

During the winter months, Haywood Pathways Center implements the Cold Grace Program for temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Any man or woman, without safe shelter for the night, who is alcohol and drug-free, will be accepted and permitted to stay, and/or return, for an unlimited number of nights until the weather has improved and safety can be assured.

During their stay at Haywood Pathways Center, clients are required to look for a permanent job and living situation.  85% have stable monthly income; 70% have income from employment with 85% of these folks working FT with an average wage of approximately $11/hour.